Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18:4 ESV

You may remember that last week’s verse was about humility.  It seems to be a theme that is coming up for me regularly.  Maybe God is trying to tell me something… 😊

Anyway, this verse was part of my reading this week of Jeffrey Gibbs’ Concordia Commentary on Matthew.  In it he spoke about what true humility was in this context.  Gibbs says that the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the one who, like a child, is, “…in a condition of powerlessness and who willingly acknowledges his own emptiness and utter inability in spiritual things.”  I really liked how he said this.  Humility is realizing that, due to sin, you are spiritually empty and unable to do anything about it.  It is realizing that you need Jesus.

Gibbs goes on at length to discuss how, whenever someone in our congregation is struggling spiritually, they are the greatest in our congregation because they are lowly and empty.  Because of this, the entire congregation should serve and aid them.  Their greatness is their need for Jesus – especially because they may be unable to even see it themselves.  Therefore, those of us who have humbled ourselves, knowing that we need Jesus, need to focus on the one with the greatest need.

So, look around your “congregation” - all those Christians God has given you to live with in this life.  Are there any who are struggling in their faith, straying away from the Church, going through an especially hard time?  Reach out.  Reflect the love of Jesus to them.  Help them with the same willingness that you would help a helpless child.

We pray – Dearest Lord, help me to always see my complete and total need for You.   Help me to recognize when those around me need more attention, more care, more love.  Lead me to serve them in Your Holy Name. – Amen.