Special Events


Youth Group Church Rummage sale set for Saturday, April 1st

Please SAVE YOUR STUFF to donate to this fundraiser for our Youth! Please spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, business owners, etc... that they can donate their STUFF to benefit our Youth Group ministry! We hope to be able to collect most donations the week before the sale, due to limited storage space, but we will take donations starting now and find a place out of the way of our regular church activities.

We will have a “stuff your trunk” day of Sunday, March 26th. After the worship service that day, the youth group will gladly help unload trunks and bring the items into the church. We will be prepping all week in the fellowship hall. For large items such as furniture, we will plan for pick up and/or drop off at the church the day before or the morning of the sale. 


If you have any questions or need someone to pick up donated items, please call Terri at 573-880-1594, or  Pastor David at 573-315-8287. Thank you so much for supporting our youth!!!!