How do I become a member?

New Life Begins with Baptism!

Trinity baptizes both infants and adults.  For more information check out our Baptism page HERE.

Membership by Adult Instruction

Adult Catechesis (instruction) classes are held as needed throughout the year at Trinity.  Classes are planned around the participants' schedules.  All materials are provided and light reading assignments are the only requirement.  Upon completion of the class, students may be baptized (if necessary), confirmed, eligible to receive Holy Communion, and welcomed into membership.  If you are interested in being a part of the next class, contact the church office or ask the Pastor for more information.

Membership by Child Confirmation

At Trinity, children are enrolled in confirmation classes typically beginning in 5th-7th grade, though there is some leeway with the ages.  After two years of instruction  the students are examined and are then confirmed.

Becoming a Member by Transfer

Baptized and confirmed members in good standing of other LCMS congregations who desire to join Trinity, should first speak with their home pastor to request a letter of transfer.  When the letter and records are received by Trinity, membership is approved by the Board of Elders at the next scheduled meeting.