Here is the latest devotion from Pastor May:

 John 21:15-25

 I remember the school spelling bee, when I was in grade school.  I had won the class bee, and had therefore earned the right to represent the fifth grade in the gymnasium.  I made it through the first round.  My second word came, and I was given my word:  announce.  I left off one of the first ‘n’s…  I was so confident.  I was so certain I would at least make it to the round with the hard words.  And I was disappointed.  It wasn’t just about my classmates (though that was part of it); I was just so surprised myself.

 Have you ever failed.  And not just any failure.  Have you ever failed at something you were supposed to be good at?  I’m talking about a shocking failure.

 As we read this passage, we remember Simon Peter’s last conversation in the presence of Jesus.  Somewhere in the vicinity of his Teacher (for we are told that Jesus turned and looked right at him), Simon Peter rejected Jesus.  “I don’t know the man.”  This happened not once, but three specific times.  Three times he fails… and all within earshot of Jesus.

 And in this reading we have the Savior.  He just announced his presence by another miracle: granting a boatload of fish to the fishermen.  Three times he asks Peter a question.  Three!  And three times Peter gets to affirm, with absolute confidence, that he loves Jesus so much!

 God did not send Jesus to make a church out of those who would follow him perfectly.  Those aren’t the kinds of people He has to work with!  But those are the kinds of people He cleans up, picks up, strengthens, and encourages for His work.

 God gets our minds off us, and whatever we might be going through, and onto His Son.  When we really fail… when we really blow it, God has one important reminder for us.  Jesus.  And when we remember Jesus, we remember all of the living, suffering, dying, rising, and ascending that he did.  He accomplished our salvation.  God is the Author of our faith; He’s the one who creates it in our hearts.  He’s the one who perfects it in us.  You never fall so far that you’re out of his reach.

 Dear Jesus, in the face of all that this world throws my way, may I always remember you as the source of my life and strength.  May I exult in all you have done… and find ways to tell your story to others.  Amen.