From Pastor May:

 Read Numbers 22:21-33

                As the Israelites drew ever closer to the Promised Land, King Balak of Moab grew increasingly nervous at the size of Israel.  He wanted them gone, but did not think his nation of Moab was strong enough to defeat them.  He sent for a famous pagan “seer” to put a curse on the nation of Israel.  This seer, Balaam eventually set out to perform his service to King Balak.  On the way, this “spiritual advisor” proves just how blind he is in spiritual matters.  He is surprised at the strange behavior of his donkey, a beast of burden who proves himself to be far wiser than his human master.

                The disciples who had been traveling with Jesus could claim much spiritual insight, especially in comparison to the Pharisees they had encountered.  But even Peter took offense to some of Jesus’ talk.  And their Teacher, on one occasion, told them to get out of the way, to make room for the simple children to get closer to him… trust like a child.

                And so we too can find ourselves blindly moving right past the truth.  We assume we have it all figured out, that God fits neatly into the box we place Him in… that He exists to take care of those problems we have… that we know how He operates.  This leads to anger at God, whenever He seems to be doing something we don’t understand.

                Jesus brings us to a different place.  He takes some (not all) of the mystery out of who God is.  If we want to know if God loves us, we look to the Savior who would die for us.  Is God on our side?  Hear Jesus’ promises of the Spirit in our lives.  Like His little children… trusting their Father… we know we can trust Him because of Who He is.  And we know He will bring us safely home to Him.

                Dear Father, thank You for showing Your love… in Your Son, and all he did for me.  May I rest in the knowledge of Your unfailing faithfulness.  Amen.