Greetings, People of Trinity Lutheran Church!

 We're going to try something a little different going forward, while keeping us in the Word.

 This is sort of a week-long Bible Study.  Each day has a reading or two, and a couple of questions to think about.  You might go through it yourself (as another daily taste of God's Word, in addition to Portals of Prayer and Lutheran Hour Devotions, etc.).  You might also group-call each other, Zoom each other, shout to each other at the park, email one another or otherwise creatively discuss things together!

 Also, if you want, there's nothing stopping you from doing them all at once!

 Hang in there for (hopefully) just a little bit longer!  Cling to our glorious, loving, risen Savior!  He is with you ALWAYS!  And remember that His death and resurrection covers THIS time as well!

 Blessings in Christ,

 Pastor Jeremy May

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