"Spiritual Conversations" event 3/25/23; MAC Meal Ministry 3/12/23; Tues Eve Divine Service 3/7/23; Lenten Evening Service followed by potluck meal 3/5/23;  Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23; Food pantry ministry ongoing

"Spiritual Conversations" event 3/25/23- Pastor David shared that this wonderful free event is being held at the St. Paul HS and is put on by Lutheran Hour Ministries. It will start at 10am and end at 2pm. Breakfast and lunch is provided. Register by clicking on the home page picture of this event.

MAC Meal Ministry 3/12/23-Pastor David shared that we would provide this ministry to the MAC students and asked for contributions to purchase groceries to prepare the meal for next week. Please call Pastor David at 573-315-8287 if you have any questions regarding this ministry.

Tues Eve Divine Service 3/7/23-Pastor David reminded all about this service coming up this Tuesday at 7:30pm. More Jesus please!

Lenten Evening Service followed by potluck meal 3/5/23;-Pastor May reminded all of the service tonight that starts at 4pm followed by a potluck fellowship.

Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23-Terri reminded all of the upcoming event and asked for contributions for this event. Please call Terri at 573-880-1594 if you have any questions or need someone to pick up your donated items.

Food pantry ministry ongoing- Del shared that he would be taking the donated items to the desiganted food pantry.