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3/19/2023 Sunday Announcements

"Spiritual Conversations" event has been CANCELLED for 3/25/23; Lenten Evening Service 4pm, followed by potluck meal 3/19 & 26/23;  Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23; Food pantry ministry ongoing

3/12/2023 Sunday Announcements

"Spiritual Conversations" event 3/25/23; Lenten Evening Service 4pm, followed by potluck meal 3/12 & 19 & 26/23;  Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23; Food pantry ministry ongoing

3/5/2023 Sunday Announcements

"Spiritual Conversations" event 3/25/23; MAC Meal Ministry 3/12/23; Tues Eve Divine Service 3/7/23; Lenten Evening Service followed by potluck meal 3/5/23;  Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23; Food pantry ministry ongoing

"Spiritual Conversations" event 3/25/23- Pastor David shared that this wonderful free event is being held at the St. Paul HS and is put on by Lutheran Hour Ministries. It will start at 10am and end at 2pm. Breakfast and lunch is provided. Register by clicking on the home page picture of this event.

MAC Meal Ministry 3/12/23-Pastor David shared that we would provide this ministry to the MAC students and asked for contributions to purchase groceries to prepare the meal for next week. Please call Pastor David at 573-315-8287 if you have any questions regarding this ministry.

Tues Eve Divine Service 3/7/23-Pastor David reminded all about this service coming up this Tuesday at 7:30pm. More Jesus please!

Lenten Evening Service followed by potluck meal 3/5/23;-Pastor May reminded all of the service tonight that starts at 4pm followed by a potluck fellowship.

Youth Rummage sale 4/1/23-Terri reminded all of the upcoming event and asked for contributions for this event. Please call Terri at 573-880-1594 if you have any questions or need someone to pick up your donated items.

Food pantry ministry ongoing- Del shared that he would be taking the donated items to the desiganted food pantry.

2/12/2023 Sunday Announcements

Sunday Feb. 19th Memorial Service and Bereavement Meal in honor of Ruth Reetz-Pastor May shared that Sunday, Feb. 19th there will be a Memorial Service at 2:30pm. The LWML will provide a bereavement meal immediately after the service.

Lutheran Witness magazines-Del shared that the newest edition is available and located by the church member mailboxes.

Food Pantry-Del shared that the food pantry donations this month will be going to the Rural Parish workers. Del will deliver the donations next week.

MAC meal ministry- Pastor David shared we would not be providing a meal tonight.

Altar Guild-Tennille shared that there was an Altar Guild meeting after church today to elect new officers.

LWML-Liz shared that the LWML would meet briefly after church today.


2/7/2023 Sunday Announcements

Rocky Creek Youth Ranch-Del announced that he was able to visit this support facility and encouraged us to continue our support of them.

Rocky Creek supports young men with housing, therapy, on-site schooling or support in public school, regular chores and discipline for life. For more information, visit

MAC Meal Ministry- Pastor David announced that we will not be taking a meal this month but will plan to do so in March.

Lutheran Hour Ministries educational event at St. Paul Lutheran High School March 25, 2023 10am-2pm-Pastor David shared details about this event.

Tuesday night Divine Service 2/7/2023 at 7:30- Pastor Schmitt reminded all of this service.

Youth Group Rummage Sale April 1st- Kristen shared that we are taking donations for this upcoming event to support our youth group. We have a drop off table in the fellowship hall for donations and will be asking for majority of donations to be dropped off the week of the sale.

LWML meeting to be held after church service today.

2/1/23 Special Announcement

Our prayers are with our sister Carol Turner-Smith in the loss of her mother. 

Saturday, Feb. 4th, Carol's mother's Celebration of Life,12:30-2:30pm, and Memorial service, 2:30pm, will take place at Schrader Funeral Home in Ballwin, MO. For more information please access link below.

1/29/2023 Sunday Announcements

The funeral for Paul Hedgcorth will be Monday, 1/30/2023 at 11am at the Boyer funeral home in Desloge. Visitation will be from 5-8pm on 1/29/23, and also from 9am-11am on 1/30/23. A bereavement meal will be provided for Paul's family and church family at Trinity at 1pm on 1/30/2023.    

1/25/2023 Cancellations due to weather

Bible Study, Confirmation Class, Choir, and Hand Bells have all been cancelled tonight due to weather.

1/22/2023 Sunday Announcements

Lutheran High School Update-Duane shared that the current enrollment was at 71, the largest yet. This next week is Nat'l Lutheran School week and  they will be celebrating in different fun ways. The girls basketball team is doing well with a winning record and the boys have won some games as well. Homecoming(basketball) is this week as well. A new sport 'ETeam', standing for electronics team, will be starting soon. 

Please refer to the drawings of a possible future high school that are displayed in the narthex. Current efforts are focused on possible land to build the new school on.

Fancy sewing machine available-Duane also shared that his lovely wife Connie Jo has a fancy sewing machine that she is looking to find someone who would enjoy it as much as she has over the years. Please contact Duane if you are interested.

LWML-Liz shared that after worship today, 1/22/23, the LWML was holding their regular monthly meeting and invited all to come join. Liz asked for prayer specifically for several mission projects that the LWML would be discussing continued support of.

Youth Group- Pastor David shared that we would have Youth Group tonight at 5pm, starting with a taco meal, then Bible Study, then service project of putting together hygiene kits for Clean Sweep ministries, and ending with playing pickleball:).

1/15/2023 Sunday Announcements

Tuesday Evening Divine Service- Pastor Schmitt shared that the next service will be Tuesday, 1/17/23, at 7:30pm.

Youth Group 1/22/2023 5pm- Pastor Schmitt shared that our next Youth group meeting will start with a meal, go to a Bible study, then to a service project, then to playing Pickleball. 

Thank you to LWML for the birthday cakes- Those members 80 years + have received a birthday cake from the ladies of our LWML in honor of the 80th anniversary of the Lutheran Women's Mission League organization. 

LWML meeting next Sunday 1/22/2023 immediately after church.

1/8/2023 Sunday Announcements

Altar Guild- Tennille announce that there would be a brief meeting in the fellowship hall after the Worship Service.

Food Pantry-Del shared that this month the food pantry donations were going to the Park Hills pantry at the Immaculate Conception church.

Devotion booklets-Del shared that new devotion booklets were available in the fellowship hall and he encouraged us to use them daily and share them with others.


Tuesday Evening Divine Service- Pastor Schmitt shared that the next service will be Tuesday, 1/3/23, at 7:30pm.

Stewardship Committee-Del shared they will meet today 1/1/23, immediately following the worship service.

Epiphany Service- Barb shared that on Friday, 1/6/23, there will be a service at St. Matthew's in Bonne Terre.


11/20/2022 Sunday Announcements

Youth Fundraiser update-Pastor Schmitt shared that the Paint Party fundraiser was a lot of fun and well attended. We raised $325! 

Special Worship Services-Pastor encouraged everyone to plan to attend the Thanksgiving Eve Service, Wed. 11/23/22 at 6:30pm. Also, Advent Services will be held Sundays at 4pm, followed by a fellowship potluck meal.

Food Donated-Del shared that food had been donated to our church family, designated to be offered to anyone in our congregation who might need this resource. Del asked those present to consider who may need this and the items were available to take today. Any items remaining will be donated to the food pantry.

Church Officers for 2023-Del shared that next month we would be electing Church Council members for 2023. He asked for all to prayerfully consider serving in these roles and that if anyone was interested, to please let him or any current member know. 

No Choirs or Confirmation classes meeting on 11/23/22.


11/13/2022 Sunday Announcements

Dec. 3rd, '22 Merry & Bright dinner and auction fundraiser for St. Paul Lutheran High School-Duane reminded all of this fundraiser and directed those interested to find out more at the St. Paul Lutheran High School website. This information is also posted on the Trinity website.  

Financial situation-Duane shared that we are currently challenged with falling short of the needed funds to cover our 2022 church budget. Please consider helping us meet these needs as the Lord leads you. The budget committee is currently reviewing the 2022 year to date income and expense report in order to plan for the 2023 TLC budget. Pastor May also asked us to prayerfully consider the financial needs of the church.

Nov. 18th, '22-Youth Group fundraiser-Dinner and Paint party-Pastor David reminded all that the youth fund raiser was coming up this Friday. The dinner will start at 5:30pm and we'll paint soon after! 

Mineral Area College Meal Ministry tonight-Pastor David reminded all that we now provide a meal for the on campus/international students every 2nd Sunday evening of the fall and winter months. We will meet at MAC at 6pm and anyone who would like to help us is welcome. 

Tuesday Evening Divine Service, 11/14/22, 7:30pm-Pastor David reminded all that this service is available every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

Elders meeting, Tuesday 11/14/22, 5:30-Del announced the upcoming Elders meeting and shared that the food pantry items will go to Bonne Terre this week

Advent Devotions-Del shared that Advent devotional material is available for members on the resource table in the fellowship hall.

Advent Services schedule-Pastor May shared that during Advent season, we will have Advent Services on Sundays at 4pm, followed by a potluck fellowship meal.


11/6/2022 Sunday Announcements

Veteran's Day Breakfast & Recognition ceremony 11/10/22, 7:30am breakfast, 8:30am chapel-Pastor David shared that Teresa asked that he announce that we are invited to chapel at the St. Paul elementary school in Farmington, on Friday 11/10/2022 at 8:30am. The children will be singing, led by Teresa. Breakfast for Veteran's will be served at  7:30am. 

Season of Hope-Michelle Jones shared that we plan to  provide holiday gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts for the children of 2 families who live in poverty. This is through the 'Season of Hope' effort coordinated by St. Francois County Community Partnership. Trinity has supported this coordinated effort annually for several years now. The preferred gift card amount is $25. Michelle also shared that you may donate any amount and designate it for 'Helping Hands Christmas', and Del will make sure these donations will be pooled together in the appropriate gift card amounts.

Trinity Youth Group Paint Party Fundraiser 11/18/2022-Kristen Troup shared the details about the upcoming fundraiser.

Prayer Request & Update for Mona -Del shared an update on Mona, choir director of Zion Lutheran Hillsboro and friend of many. She suffered a severe head injury from a recent fall and is showing progress of healing. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Stewardship Committee-Del shared that they will meet today, immediately  after worship, in the fellowship hall.


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